Understanding Search Engine Optimization

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Do you want to be found online? Google gets slammed with nearly 7 billion searches a day.  One fifth of those are localized. When we have a question, we typically take to Google and other search engines for an answer.  These answers lead to business transactions. Every business is hoping to grab the next customer […]

Build Your New Website Using WordPress

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Need a new website for your small business? If you haven’t heard about WordPress, then you’re in for a surprise.  If you have heard about WordPress, we have great news about how you can expand what you already know.  WordPress is the most comprehensive and fluid way to create and maintain a superb website. Most […]

Understanding Pay-Per-Click Advertising

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What is Pay-Per-Click advertising? PPC means pay-per click advertising, and it works exactly as it sounds.  You pay per click on the advertisement that you generate for a search engine.  How is that beneficial?  Is it even worth the investment? If you wish to generate quick leads for your business, then PPC is the route […]